Friday, January 15, 2010

Kristen Stewart Nominated For 'Rising Star' BAFTA

Kristen Stewart has been nominated for the Orange Rising Star award this year at the BAFTA's. She is listed with the likes of Nicolas Hoult, Carey Mulligan (who's also nominated for a Golden Globe) Jesse Eisenberg and Tahar Rahim in the category.

Kristen Stewart has been catapulted to fame by her starring role as Bella in the Twilight Saga. She has been nominated for numerous Young Artist awards for her roles in films such as Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor and Into the Wild.

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The winner will be announced at the Orange British Academy Film Awards on Sunday, February 21st.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD has an Official Release Date!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stephenie Meyer addresses Breaking Dawn Rumors

Stephenie has updated her website and this was what she said regarding the Breaking Dawn rumors:

" Just a quick note on the subject of the Breaking Dawn film: there is no drama over whether the book should be one movie or two. My personal feeling is that it would be very difficult to cram the whole story into one movie (as I've said in many interviews previous to this), but if a great way of doing that surfaces, I'm all for it. Two or one, whichever way fits the story best is fine by me, and everyone I've spoken with at Summit seems to feel the same way. We're all excited to move forward on this, and we are slowly and surely getting there. I know people are anxious for news, and so sometimes gossip gets fabricated to stir things up, but there's no basis to this particular story. "

Photos of Twilight's Jackson Rathbone at 100 Monkeys Concert

So here they are some of the photos from the concert finally. It was amazing! There was two local bands that played once before them. I had heard their music before (100 Monkeys) online but I didn't really like it to be honest. Was not my type of music. Boy was I so wrong! Hearing them live was way better. There music is so good. I also got an autograph CD. Oh and if you must know, and I know you must, Jackson Rathbone is way HOT in person. He has the most beautiful eyes. Oh and he makes these facial expressions when he sings that are to die for. I'm such a fan girl. =) He very knows how to do the dazzle look that will have you drooling. I was dazzed a couple of times...haha...Anyway, to check if they are going to play near you anytime soon during their tour check out their website here. I recommend everyone go see them. I have over 90 photos but here are some of the them. If you want me to post anymore let me know. If you are taking my photos and posting them somewhere else plz let me know and source me and don't take off my tags. I put them there for a reason. Thanks & Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Summit Confirms: Three Main Stars of Twilight Saga To Return For Breaking Dawn

There has been many questions regarding if Breaking Dawn the final novel of the Twilight Saga will be made, and if it will be split into two more or remain as one. In this article they got the chance to speak with Wyck Godfrey, the film's producer, to get all the details.

Godfrey has stated that no decision has yet been made as to whether Breaking Dawn will be split into two scripst (and two movies) or one. They can confirm that the three stars are on board and the plan is to begin shooting this fall in Vancouver. Chris Weitz however will NOT be back to direct Breaking Dawn.

The three principal actors, Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner have apparently completed their negotiations and are "signed," indicating that Summit may have brokered a deal which would cover either one or two movies. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is back on board and hard at work on what will be either one or two films, but whatever the outcome, Breaking Dawn will be made "with an eye toward beginning to shoot in Vancouver this fall."

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