Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have you got your Advanced tickets to Breaking Dawn yet??

MME: "DUDE!! We so got tickets to the movie!!"
MMB: "Woo hoo!"

Well if you haven't...what the heck are you waiting for!! Advanced tickets have gone on sale since Friday at midnight for those who have Cinemark Theaters around the area. Where I live they are giving the option of just tickets for Breaking Dawn or the Twilight Marathon where you get to watch all 4 movies!! Guess which one I got? The marathon of course!! I'm taking the BF with me, and believe me its for good reason not just because I want him to go along. He has this thing where he asks questions during the movie if he forgot what happened in the last one. So to avoid this I am bringing him with me so he has a refresher if you will. Good thinking in my part. I hate being asked "what happened in the last one?" So if you don't know if your theater has advanced tickets yet you can check the Fandango website here or check the Cinemark website if you have one near you.

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