Friday, October 14, 2011

Preview Songs from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

You can preview 4 new tracks from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack on The Twilight Saga page on Facebook. I just finished listening to all the songs and they are pretty good. I am starting to like the Bruno Mars song Let it Rain. It sounds like a Jacob song but can also be a Edward or Charlie song. It would all depend where they decide to use it going by the lyrics. The following songs are on the page for you to preview:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri >> I take this to be an Edward Song. Its really good.
Endtapes (feat. Custom Intro) by The Joy Formidable >> Ehh....I didn't really like this one. ;)
I Didn't Mean It by The Belle Brigade >> I love this one! It has such a good beat.
Turning Page by Sleeping At Last >> This one I can't really pinpoint who it would be for. I would have to hear more of it but its pretty good.

Leave a comment. Which song of those previewed did you like?

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