Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Footage Premiered at Comic-Con

According to EW, two exclusive clips were shown at Comic-Con yesterday. One clip showed Taylor as Jacob negotiating with the wolf pack on how to destroy Bella's baby. The other showed the honeymoon scene. Here is a bit from the article:
But the clip that caused some major squeals out in the audience (watch our video interview with fans below) was the hotly anticipated honeymoon scene out on Isle Esme. When Bella and Edward enter the bedroom, an ear-deafening cheer went up as the large white bed was centered on screen. (“Feaaaaathers,” one voice shouted from the back of the hall.) After Bella tells Edward she needs “a few human minutes” (“Don’t take too long Mrs. Cullen,” Edward replies while an audible swoon swept through Hall H), we see Bella brushing her teeth, her hair, shaving her legs, looking at her suitcase filled with lacy underclothings with panic and telling herself not to be a coward. Cut to a moonlit beach and Bella in a towel — that is, before she drops it. Afterwards: A shirtless Edward seen from behind in the water. It is hard to describe just how enthusiastic the fan reaction was, but suffice it to say, it was met with some major approval

I have seen the Jacob clip since it was posted online yesterday but I won't post that here. It was on you tube if you are interested in looking it up. It looked really good. The honeymoon clip I have not seen but I will hold off on that one. I would rather wait to see it on the big screen in my opinion. You could only have so many peaks before the movie comes out. What are you excited about watching on the big screen? 

Twilight Stars at Comic-Con

Some of the cast surprised the fans by showing up at Comic-Con. Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene to name a few. Click here for more photos from EW. To watch video of interviews done click here.

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