Thursday, March 1, 2012

'Johnny Depp vs Edward Cullen' Who is the better Vampire?

Johnny Depp is staring in Tim Burtons new movie called 'Dark Shadows'. He looks pretty weird doesn't he? I don't think he actually looks like a vampire judging from the pic. He looks more like a modern troll. HAHAHA! You'd think his hair would look cooler. No disrespecting Johnny here. I think he is super hot and a great actor, but I just can't see the vampire from this pic. Anyway there is a poll on the sidebar to your right to take a vote. Who do you think makes a better Vampire?? Edward Cullen or Johnny Depp? 

Photo found here

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  1. Johnny Dep. Vampires are not suppose to look beautiful. Have you ever seen the movie Dracula? Hes flipping ugly BUT he's the real source of all vampires.
    Edward is a very, very watered down 'vampire'

    A lot of people won't even consider him a vampire because he IS so watered down.

    (Vampires kill without mercy, they burn in the sun, they are suppose to look scary.

    Edward does not kill people, he SPARKLES, and he looks like he stepped out of Photoshop.)

    That's why we don't like Twilight. We are not, and let me repeat. NOT. Jealous of Twilight.

    We just like the old fashion vampires more.