Friday, May 18, 2012

Kristen Stewart on the cover of ELLE France

So many pics and different covers for this magazine. Here are some more photos of Kristen Stewart in the photoshoot with ELLE Magazine France and a bit of the translation of the interview. It may not be very accurate since I don't know French and had to use the web translator. To read more click here. I'm loving this black and white ones photos.

At the time of our meeting photo in the mountains of Topanga Canyon that overhang the beaches of Malibu, the actress is comfortable and takes the pose with this detached air and a not very wild one that is his factory brand.  A station wagon, while awaiting that the sun goes to bed, and one installs oneself with some cigarettes to discuss the film that promises to mark a turn in his career.  She knows it and about it speaks with passion:  "On the road" is the role of his – young – life.  "When Walter Rooms chose me to embody Marylou, she remembers, I was 16 years old.  It was my favorite book, the role that I could not have left to pass."  Elevée to Los Angeles by a productive father of television and a mother scriptwriter, Kristen Stewart has "grown on a plateau".  "I was the whole time in the parts to prowl, and I dreamed to have a work that would allow me to be integrated to the process.  That was the one of comedienne, a little by chance.  It is on the pile, while working with inspired directors, that I learned to like that."  She is 11 years old when David Fincher does him to play the girl of Jodie Foster in "Panic Room", she has 17 when Sean Penn entrusts him a small role in "Into the Wild".  The trade of actress precedes therefore of several years the one of star, and the transition was not easy.  "The first times where one recognized me in the street, that was a total surprise, she follows.  That can seem naïve, but, until "Twilight", the aspect fame totally had escaped me.  I am myself suddenly rediscovered confronted to this unhealthy interest that has more trait to the "pop culture" than to the movies; people come to ask you a photo or an autograph because they saw you in a magazine people, but they have no idea of the films in which these you played.  It is perturbing. 
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