Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Robert Pattinson's Live Morning Chat Takes Over Twitter!

What other way is there to wake up than to have a morning chat with Robert Pattinson. Rob tweeted this morning on both Glamour UK and MSN Movies UK using their twitter profiles. He had several question and answer sessions and here they are:
Glamour UK:
Q: Describe Twilight fans in three words
A: Loyal, keen, voracious
Q:In Breaking Dawn Part 2, new vampire powers have been introduced, which one do you like the most?
A: I like the fog one.
Q:Who was fined the most money for swearing?
A: I think I was, but Peter is the only one that paid!
Q:Who would survive the longest in I'm A Celebrity? You, Kristen or Taylor?
A: Taylor, I think.
Q: What's the first thing you notice about a woman?
A: Depends who the woman is...Either way, it will be offensive.
Q:Which scene was the funnies to shoot and which was the saddest?
A: Taylor's imprinting scene - the funniest & saddest.
Q: If you got a tattoo what would it be of and why?
A: A little sun round my belly button like Sisqo.
Q: Do Bear and Bernie fight often or are they good friends?
A: They love each other very much.
Q:Will you read your kids Twilight?
A: Depends if they want to read it or not.
Q:Tell us one characteristic you wish Edward had, and one you'd love to have?
A: I would love it if he had a six pack. And if I did.
Q:If the characters of Twilight were in The Hunger Games who would win and why?
A: Me! Because I'm better than everyone.
Q:When your parents visit you in LA, is there one thing you ask them to bring from the UK?
A: Marmite and Baked Beans.
Q:Do you believe in soulmates?
A: Yes, I think.
Q: If you keep on acting would you like to get a Knighthood some day? Sir Rob?
A: I want to be a Lord or Your Eminence.
Q:Do you pick out what to wear or do you have a stylist?
A: I do have a stylist, but I pick what I wear.
Q:What's your favorite scene with Mackenzie?
A: There's a scene where she jumps up into my arms.
Q: Is all the fame and fortune worth having no privacy in your life?
A: Depends what you consider fortune.
Q: If you could swap lives with someone for a day...who would you be?
A: Someone who works at Nandos. 
MSN Movies:
Q: What will u miss most about the twilight saga now it is over?
A: I will miss doing live tweeting things!
Q: If you had to join a boyband, would you rather join One Direction or Westlife?
A: Westlife definitely. They're one of my favorite bands.
Q: Before the fame did you have a bucket list of sorts? That is an idea of a few of the things you really hoped to do or experience in your life above all others?
A: I don't think I had a specific list...but, yes. I want to experience one day as woman.
Q: What's the one thing about vampires you would like to have? Speed? Sight? Flawless features (which you already have!)? And why?
A: Hmm...I don't know! I'd quite like to have a harder bottom.
Q:If you could turn invisible on The Breaking Dawn Premiere Red Carpet what havoc would you cause!?
A: I'd go around pulling down people's pants.
Q: OMG You should So be in the 50 Shades of Grey movie! Would you consider doing it!?
A: I am playing that part. I also wrote the book!
Q: How does it feel to be part of the 'British invasion' - being one of a few globally adored British stars like Adele, One Direction and Emma Watson?
A: I love how they don't include Daniel Radcliffe in that! It's nice, yeah. I like being English.
Q: What are you doing now as twilight is coming to an end?
A: I am doing a few more movies next year. Thanks guys! 

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