Sunday, September 1, 2013

Videos and Images of Robert Pattinson in Dior Homme Fragrance Commercial

Have you seen this commercial? Am I the only one speechless? I think I said one word after watching it and that was "Wow." Rob says during the interview he defines the film as wild and "hopefully sexy." Well it certainty is wild and daring I would say. Being hopeful that it is sexy? I'd say you accomplished it!  They did a good job with this commercial and incorporating the manifesto:

Life is short,
break the rules
(they were made to be broken)
Forgive quickly,
kiss slowly
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably
And never regret anything
that makes you smile
You are who you are meant to be
Dance as if no one's watching
Love as if it's all you know,
dream as if you'll live forever,
live as if you'll die today

They nailed it! What do you think of the commercial? Here are a few images and videos. You can find more on the Dior website here and their youtube channel here.

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Uncensored Official Director's Cut

'The Film' (Official)

Robert Pattinson Official Interview

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  1. wow nice blog...
    Robert Pattisnson has finally responded to rumors that he's a favorite to play Christian Grey role.
    Fifty Shades